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צלם לאירוע במרכז

Hi! Im Aviv,

Photography has been an unseparated part for my life since I remember.

Even as a child, I recall spending long hours with my dad in a “dark room”. For hours we used to shoot, develop and print amazing images. I became fascinated with this magical process.

During my IDF service I was an army photographer as part of Intelligence Corps.
I did field photography and working in a lab developing productions and concepts for the corp.
After that I didn’t photography work in Crouse ships around the world.
Two years ago, after 20 years in management roles in the technology and tech sectors – I made my dream come true!

My lifetime passion of photography took flight, and so SpringTime was created to capture those special moments people share and live through.
Those moments are so precious that any reminder such as: photos, blocks, magnets etc. can mean the world to those wanting to relieve these special times.

See you on your special occasion! 

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